Woman Posts Graphic Images of Injuries Inflicted by Man She Met on Dating Site Plenty of Fish

WARNING: Contains distressing content
April 18, 2016 Updated: April 18, 2016

An Australian woman has posted graphic images of injuries she allegedly sustained while being sexually assaulted by a man she met on Plenty of Fish, a dating website.

Kat Berry, of Victoria, said she was raped after meeting the man on Oct. 17 of last year. “It started well,” she wrote in a Facebook post (WARNING: contains graphic photos). “We decided to get more drinks and go back to my place.”

He attacked me and raped me.
— Kat Berry

For a few hours, they “laughed and watched music videos on YouTube” but there was “nothing sexual there.”

After they talked for several hours, Berry said she decided that she had too much to drink and wanted to sleep.

(Kat Berry - Facebook)
(Kat Berry – Facebook)

However, the man “got violent,” Berry said, according to The Independent. “He attacked me and raped me.”

Berry uploaded the photos about two weeks ago to her Facebook account, which were heavily shared. They show bruises and injuries on her arms, shoulders, collar bone, thighs, and breast.

Berry said that when she went to police, she discovered the man had provided a false name, changed his phone number and deleted his online dating profile.

His identity has been protected [so] as to not tarnish his business and family. I still don’t get to know his name.
— Kat Berry

“Police had nothing to go on, but documented everything anyway,” she said. “I still don’t get to know his name… He gets to stay in [Queensland], safe and free,” she added.

“I don’t want sympathy,” Berry wrote. “I just want to show how [messed] up our justice system is. And now this is all done, I can finally share my story.”

She also advised others to be careful when using online dating sites.

“This man was caught a couple of months ago in [Queensland]. He did this to two other females and luckily they were more help to police than what I was,” Berry told Daily Mail Australia. “His identity has been protected [so] as to not tarnish his business and family. I still don’t get to know his name,” she added.