Woman Makes Haunting Call To Police After Killing Ex-Boyfriend

March 15, 2018 Updated: March 15, 2018

A disturbing recording of a phone call made to the police by a distressed woman who bludgeoned her ex-partner to death with the help of her new lover has been released by the Western Australia Supreme Court on Thursday, March 15.

Melony Attwood, 37, and her lover, Robert Edhouse, 22, murdered Alan Taylor, 42, with a hammer in the bedroom of his Perth home before trashing the house to make it look like a botched robbery in April 2016, reported ABC.

In the audio Attwood could be heard crying hysterically as she pretended to break down in front of the phone operator.

“Umm, I’ve just gotten home, umm, my front door handle’s just been caved in. Umm, I don’t want to go inside but I’m calling out to my ex who’s meant to be inside and no-one’s making any noise or anything,” she said.

“Alan? Oh my God, there’s blood everywhere (crying).”

The operator then asks Attwood to take a few breaths before asking her more questions.

Excerpt of Attwood’s call:

Attwood: There’s blood all over the bedroom, and he’s on the floor.

Operator: Who’s on the floor?

Attwood: Alan.

Operator: Is he breathing?

Attwood: I don’t know. Alan?

Operator: I’m sorry to ask this question but does it look like someone has done this to him or does it look like he’s done this to himself?

Attwood: No I don’t think he’s done this to himself, the house is trashed. There’s blood splattered, I don’t know.

The court heard that on the day of the crime, Attwood, Edhouse, and two other associates went to Taylor’s home after his shift on the mines to carry out their plan of killing the 42-year-old.

Edhouse carried out the attack with the help of the two associates, who were said to be “roped in” to execute the plan, reported ABC, citing the state prosecutor.

Attwood was not part of the actual murder. However, she helped drown out the sounds of the what happened with loud music and helped trash the house to stage a robbery gone wrong.

After the murder, the group then went to the movies to watch The Jungle Book and to an apartment where the group laughed and joke about what they had done, according to a resident of the apartment. Attwood, who has a 3-year-old son with Taylor, boasted about receiving money from Taylor’s life insurance, reported the news broadcaster.

Attwood then returned to Taylor’s property in the afternoon to make the disturbing call to police, saying she believed someone had broken into the property.

During police investigations, Attwood continuously denied any knowledge of Taylor’s murder and did not give any evidence during her trial, reported ABC.

Attwood and Edhouse were found guilty of murder on Monday, March 12, while a third person. Corey Joshua Dymock, 21, was found guilty of being an accessory. The fourth associate, whose identity has been suppressed, has pleaded guilty to murder and received a reduced sentence for testifying in court, reported the news broadcaster.

The couple faces life in prison and all three were remanded in custody. They will learn about their fate at their sentencing in May.

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