Woman Goes Outside Home to See SUV Ramming into Car Again and Again

June 7, 2018 Updated: June 20, 2018

A driver rammed his car into another car, again and again. He later jumped on top of the vehicle and kicked, stomped and jumped heavily on the vehicle in Sacramento, California.

Nikki Guinn captured the incident outside of her home.

“I was inside my house and I heard a car accident,” Guinn told KTXL.

She heard a loud crashing sound, which prompted her to run outside. She realized it was not an accident.

It was 12 minutes of video of what appeared to be anger unleashed. A white SUV repeatedly slammed into a blue car, and when the white SUV couldn’t move anymore, a man emerges, only to jump on the blue car and stomp and kick it.

“I was actually really scared,” Guinn said. “It felt unreal to watch it.”

“My thought was I witnessed someone’s mental breakdown essentially,” she said.

An ambulance showed up and then a Sacramento Police patrol car moved in, after a moment of distance.

Sacramento Police Sgt. Vance Chandler said it began as a road rage incident on Capital City Freeway.

“A caller called us advising that there was another driver behind them and they had been rammed by that driver,” Chandler said.

The driver rammed a moving car first, and later focused on the blue car, according to police. But at one point the driver falls off the car he was jumping on. This was when police officers proceeded to detain him.

“I think our officers acted heroically in this, they were very patient,” said Chandler.

Police thought that perhaps the man was under the influence of narcotics. The man has been taken to hospital for evaluation. He will be sent to jail on felony assault and vandalism charges once he is released from the hospital.

Guinn is baffled why the man did what he did. “What was he going through? Why would he do that? We don’t know.”


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