Woman Gives Birth to 13 Pound ‘Hercules’ Baby in New Zealand

May 9, 2019 Updated: May 9, 2019

A New Zealand woman gave birth to a “Hercules” baby twice the size of an average newborn.

Nicolina Newcombe delivered a 13-pound, 7-ounce boy named Tobias. According to The Mirror publication, she didn’t use an epidural shot during labor.

Newborns weigh about 7 pounds, 6 ounces on average. Stuff.co.nz noted that the average baby would weigh that much at around 11 weeks.

Newcombe, 33, said her family had to go shopping for new clothes as none of his would fit him.

Newcombe’s midwife, Anneka Reid, noted that it’s not common for newborns to weigh this much, and it’s even more uncommon that he was delivered without a C-section.

“He’s a hercules baby. I don’t think that I’ll have another baby that size the normal way in my career … it’s pretty unreal,” she told Stuff.co.nz. “I remember looking at him on her belly and he was just enormous … and when you pick him up he’s just so heavy.”

The report noted that Newcombe isn’t diabetic, and Tobias is healthy without any medical reason for his size.

“It’s a little harder with women who are tall. Tall people seem to hide it well. She never looked enormous,” Reid said, adding that the mother was about two weeks past her due date.

The midwife noted that it was a “blessing in a way” because they didn’t know the boy’s size.

“I think if we had have known … there would have been a lot of pressure from (obstetrics) to have a C-section,” she was quoted by The Mirror as saying.

“Also it puts that thought into women’s head that, ‘Oh my god he’s so big. He’s not going to fit’ … It’s mind over matter,” she added.

Describing the labor, Newcombe said that once her midwife realized how large the child was, she “pressed the emergency button” and a number of doctors rushed into the room.

“Everybody was like ‘wow, what a big baby’ and ‘how big is he’, everyone was really shocked,” she told the New Zealand Herald.

“I had a pretty difficult pregnancy and I was always complaining and I thought ‘man, am I soft? Is it really this bad to be pregnant? He’s so heavy’ … I felt like my stomach was so heavy and the kicks were really sore and I was really, really tired all the time and I thought to myself that I’m complaining too much,” she added.

Big Baby Is All Grown Up

giant, 16-pound baby made headlines when he was born in 1983. Now, as a 35-year-old man, he’s still big.

Kevin Robert Clark was born at 16 pounds, 6 ounces in Toms River, New Jersey, triggering a media frenzy and a torrent of headlines that said he was the largest baby born in the state, reported the New York Post.

Clark told the New York Post last month that he is now 6 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs about 300 pounds.

”He’s a real bruiser,” said his mother in a 35-year-old New York Times article, which said he was born healthy. In the report, his parents said they were both large babies upon delivery.

“Walking down the street, people are constantly stopping … asking how tall I am,” Clark recently told Inside Edition, which reported that he can’t fit into most doors, shower heads are too short for him, and he can’t fit inside many cars.