Woman Gets Hit With Nasty Surprise—She Has Filed a Complaint

June 7, 2018 Updated: September 4, 2018

A woman and her son met with a nasty surprise on May 9 when a mass of fecal matter fell from the sky and splashed onto their car and then onto their faces. The incident occurred at a traffic light stop in Kelowna, British Columbia, while the pair were in their vehicle, reported Canada’s Global News.

Right after they were splashed, Susan Allan and her 21-year-old son saw a large passenger plane fly over them.

The pair quickly realised that they had been hit with biowaste leaking from the aircraft, also known as “blue ice.” Usually, aircraft biowaste is dumped into special facilities at airports, but according to Transport Canada, leakage of biowaste is possible as it can seep out, only to land on unsuspecting victims below.

Susan decided to report their story to the media after their filed complaint was not resolved, reported Gizmodo.

“I just want everybody to know that although this seems like a surreal type of story, this happened to me and my son,” Allan told The Canadian Press.

“All we want people to know is that it was quite devastating to be covered in poop and I hope it never happens to anybody else.”

Upon being hit, the pair went straight to a nearby car wash and attempted to spray both the car and themselves clean, Global News reported.

“It smelled so bad that my stomach got ill,” Susan told the news station.

The next day, Susan’s eye began swelling. She then went to a doctor to get treatment for pink eye.

“My eye was the size of a golf ball. It was swollen and red,” she said.

According to Gizmodo, Transport Canada is now investigating the incident, and is collecting and reviewing the information.

“Given this review is ongoing, we are not in a position to provide more details at this time,” Transport Canada said.


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