Woman Distracted by Phone Wanders into Automatic Parking Carousel

December 9, 2017 Updated: December 9, 2017

A woman accidentally wandered into an automated car park and almost got herself killed.

Surveillance footage shows the woman looking down at her phone, then mistakenly walking into the parking garage in east China.

The door closes behind her, and she is taken down to the basement in the car elevator.

At the basement level, she was struck by a car.

A security guard pressed the emergency stop button after hearing her cry for help.

The woman was rushed to hospital with a crushed leg, and is now in stable condition, according to shanghaiist.

Epoch Times Photo
A woman wanders in while looking at her phone. (YouTube Screenshot)
Epoch Times Photo
She is then taken down one level on an elevator. (YouTube Screenshot)

The video is a cautionary tale for many.

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