Woman Dies After Drinking and Falling Onto Subway Tracks in New York

December 9, 2019 Updated: December 9, 2019

A woman died after drunkenly falling onto subway tracks while exiting a train in Brooklyn, New York, on Dec. 8, law-enforcement sources have confirmed.

Two women, who had been drinking heavily at a holiday party, attempted to exit a southbound A train at the Broadway Junction station around 12:20 a.m. when the incident took place.

Eyewitness Kwame Martin, 33, told the New York Post the pair were “visibly intoxicated” and were wearing high heels.

As they linked arms while getting off the train, one of the women fell back in between two train cars, Martin recalled.

“Her friend tried to catch her but the weight was too much for her and they both fell on the tracks between the two train cars. Then the A train started leaving the station.”

“You could hear them screaming as the train rode over them. You could hear bones crunching.”

Authorities described a similar scenario, saying that the women, who “appeared to be highly intoxicated” fell in between the third and fourth car of the train after one lost balance.

“It looked like one tried to grab the other,” a separate source told the Post.

Despite horrified bystanders’ attempts to stop the train from moving, the women were crushed underneath as the train pulled out of the station.

“Honestly, it was terrible. Everyone’s initial reaction was to bang on the train to alert everyone inside to hit the emergency red button,” Martin said.

“Everyone started hitting the train to alert the conductor to stop,” Martin told New York Daily News.

“You could hear them screaming as the train rode over them,” he said, adding that bystanders could hear the women “moaning” under the train.

At around 12.21 a.m., the conductor of the train hit the emergency brake as the train was pulling out when he noticed the passengers had fallen in between the cars.

Martin told the news outlet that the FDNY and EMS worked to “remove the bodies” once they arrived at the scene. However, according to the NYPD, a 23-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second woman, 24-year-old Jennifer Fuentes, was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center with arm injuries and is in stable condition.

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority internal report stated the train’s emergency brakes had only been activated by the conductor as the train pulled out of the station. When the train came to a halt, less than one car had exited the station, according to the report.