Woman Charged With Threatening to Bomb North Carolina Middle School

March 13, 2018 Updated: March 13, 2018

A North Carolina woman was arrested for making a bomb threat against a middle school her son attends.

Barbara Elizabeth Sherrill, 29, told people that she had set bombs around the school and said law enforcement officials¬†“better hope they find them before they go off,” according to the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office.

Sherrill posted the threats on social media websites.

Sheriff Chris Bowman told WBTV that Sherrill is the mother of a male student who recently got into an altercation at school recently and was subsequently disciplined by school officials.

Sherrill didn’t agree with the punishment and thus made the threats, Bowman said.

Investigators brought in a K-9 trained in bomb detection but didn’t find any bombs. Students had already been sent home because of intense winter weather.

Sherrill was charged with one count of felony false report of mass violence on education property, reported WSOC.

The judge set her bond at $20,000.

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