Woman Calls 911 After a Bear Gets Stuck in Her Car

May 24, 2018 Updated: May 24, 2018

A woman from Conneticut made a 911 call after she heard noises coming from her parked car.

Linda Morad was perplexed when she saw her car’s lights turn on and off and heard the car’s horn beep “like crazy”. She saw someone moving inside the car and rushed to call 911.

“I think there’s someone in my car,” she said in a 911 call released to the media. “The lights on and I went out to kind of check it out and I hear noises there.”

But the suspect wasn’t a burglar, it was a bear.

When police arrived at her home in Canton, they saw the black bear inside her car, opened the door and it scampered into the woods.

“We’re guessing he used his paw to open the door,” Police Capain Lawrence Terra said, reported the Hartford Courant. “It looked like he was terrified, by the condition of the car.”

The animal had trapped itself in the car and trashed the interior. The damage it caused was astounding.

See it here:

“The horn is beeping now. This is getting really creepy,” Morad said in the 911 call. “The lights are dimming, the horn is beeping like crazy. I’m seeing stuff moving around in the car.”

Speaking with WFSB-TV, Morad said she was “flabbergasted” when she realized the suspect was a full-sized bear.

“I probably think we both were as scared. Me inside the house wondering what was going on and the bear trying to get out, the poor thing,” she said.

There were no injuries, but the car has been written off by her insurance company.

Mosen Morad, Linda’s husband, said to the Courant that insurance won’t cover everything, and noted, “you can’t sue the bear.”

Morad said the only food left in her Subaru was a banana, which was not taken by the bear.


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