Woman Booted Off Plane for ‘Low-Cut Bodysuit,’ Reports Say

July 24, 2019 Updated: July 24, 2019

A woman wearing a “low-cut bodysuit” was removed from a flight, but the airline insisted that it was because of her attitude rather than what she was wearing.

She boarded a plane belonging to Spanish low-cost airline, Vueling, in Palma on July 21 for a vacation in Barcelona, reported the Daily Mirror.

Vueling stated that she wasn’t allowed on board the plane due to her allegedly “abusive” attitude.

The Mirror posted footage showing the moment when she was stopped by a flight attendant before her friends gave her clothing to cover up with.

Her sister posted a sarcastic tweet targeting the airline.

“Today the wonderful company @vueling has banned my sister from boarding simply by wearing a low-cut body. Several people have left her clothes to ‘cover’ and yet they haven’t let her up,” @olgacrvnts wrote in Spanish, reported the New York Post.

The sister also told Vueling that “if you don’t know how to differentiate a body from a swimsuit, it’s your business.”

The Post, citing local media, reported that the unnamed woman was wearing a denim mini-shirt on top of the bodysuit along with shorts.

The woman also made a joke, saying she should cover up with a sarong. The crew apparently took offense to the attempt at a joke.

Vueling issued a statement, saying that it wants “to defend and protect the safety of all passengers on board, to regulate their behavior for the benefit of all.”

It also told the Mirror: “The passenger was wearing a swimsuit. The response given to the handling agent’s request was abusive, this being the only reason why it was decided to call the competent authorities and that she could not fly.”

“Vueling’s conditions of carriage are designed to defend and protect the safety of all passengers on board and to regulate their behavior for the benefit of all, as of the majority of collective transportation, and that are equally applied to men and women. These conditions of carriage enable the airline to deny access to passengers whose behavior does not adapt to it,” the airline said.

The Post reported that other passengers hadn’t been offended by her outfit while the Mirror reported that she seemed “inoffensive” and wasn’t abusive.

Other details about the incident aren’t clear.

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