Woman Assaulted by David Pickton Broke Down After his Brother’s Murder Arrest

June 24, 2015 Updated: June 24, 2015

VANCOUVER—A woman who was sexually assaulted by David Pickton told a trial she had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized after learning the man’s brother was an accused serial killer.

The woman is suing David Pickton for compensation in relation to the sex assault that he was convicted of in 1991 and for unproven threats of rape and murder.

The woman told a B.C. Supreme Court civil trial that she saw newspaper photos of David and Robert Pickton in 2002 and was scared because she knew things and was still alive, while other women were not.

Robert Pickton was convicted in 2007 of killing six women, but DNA or remains of 33 women were found on the family’s pig farm.

She previously told the jury that David Pickton’s employee told her she would be chopped into pieces if she didn’t leave town after she was groped by his boss on the construction site where they worked.

The woman, who The Canadian Press isn’t naming because she’s a victim of sexual assault, testified that work had been the only safe place for her until she was assaulted by Pickton.