Woman, 2 Kids Dead in Christmas Standoff in Arizona

December 26, 2017 Updated: December 26, 2017

A woman and two kids were shot and killed on Monday, Christmas Day, during an alleged domestic violence incident at an apartment in Phoenix, officials said.

Police officers were called to the Highland Apartments at approximately 3:45 p.m. local time, KPHO-TV reported.

The suspect barricaded himself in one of the apartment complexes. After several hours, he started shooting at police, ABC15 reported.

When they arrived, they found a woman shot in the parking lot. Then, officers tracked the suspect to a specific apartment.

The suspect then told police that he’d shot two children inside the home, officers said.

After a search, police found an 11-year-old child and a 10-month-old dead.

One officer was injured in the shootout and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

“I can’t believe it’s Christmas and there’s a shooting or whatever’s going on. It’s eerie. I feel bad for whoever is going through this,” said neighbor Kristen Alexander, reported AZFamily.com.

“We’re just trying to go home and open presents,” she said. “But we can’t get in there yet.”

“It’s beyond crazy,” added resident Gibson Daoud told the Arizona Republic. “It’s as [expletive] as it can get on Christmas Day.”

The suspect wasn’t injured in the standoff. His identity was not revealed.