‘Wolfenstein 3D’ Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

May 10, 2012 Updated: May 10, 2012

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the iconic shooter game “Wolfenstein 3D,” game maker Bethesda announced on the game’s Facebook page that the game would be available for free online and on iTunes for a limited time.

The initial version of the game stood out at a time when most games were 2D side-scrolling games. “Wolfenstein 3D” at that time required a fairly fast processor, such as a 486 processor. The original version was created for the PC, where the first portions of the game were free of charge and the later portion required a purchase. But with the progress of computer hardware, the game has now been ported to be able to run on Javascript on web browsers.

“Wolfenstein 3D,” which was software game developer id Software’s breakout hit, rose to popularity in early 1990s among the first 3-D games. The game laid the groundwork for the first-person shooter genre to follow, spawning a generation of 3-D games, including Doom and Quake.

“Wolfenstein 3D” pits the player, a captured American spy, against an army of World War II Nazis within Castle Wolfenstein. In the final episode, the player would fight through Nazi soldiers, attack the bunker under the Reichstag in Berlin, and eventually take up a duel against Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.