Withdraw from the CCP and Its Affiliated Organizations

July 5, 2008 Updated: April 15, 2012
My father was a graduate from the 4th Class of the Huangpu Military Academy, China's first military academy. He was a division commander and major general in the Kuomintang's army.

He was killed during World War II when fighting against Japan. He should be thought of as a martyr. But when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized power in 1949, they classified him as an anti-revolutionary officer.

The CCP had been passive against Japan invasion, but they seized the fruits of victory from the Anti-Japan War by attacking Kuomintang's national army who had been exhausted by the war against Japan.

For a long time since then, the CCP has been killing innocent Chinese people and committing unpardonable evils.

Therefore, I decided to break away completely from the CCP and withdraw from the Youth League.

Junjun Shanghai June 25, 2008

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