Witches of East End Season 2 Spoilers and Preview (No Release Date Yet)

January 30, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Witches of East End season 2 has been confirmed, although no release date has been announced yet (other than sometime in 2014)

Few spoilers have been detailed as of yet, but there are some predictions being made as to what will happen. Let’s check it out:

-Penelope and Mike are definitely dead.

-Joanna and Killian may or may not be dead. Joanna was poisoned by Penelope while Killian gets knocked out and possibly killed by Dash.

-The portal to Asgard is opened by Ingrid after Mike forces her too. Ingrid is expected to pay for her actions in season 2.

-Dash feels guilty about possibly killing Dash, which he’ll have to deal with as well.

-Freya may try to find Killian, who she last saw floating out to sea in his boat after getting knocked out by Dash. She finally realized that Killian is her true love and called off the wedding to Dash.

The Lifetime series ended season 1 on December 15, and no release date has been announced for season 2 in 2014 yet.

We do know that there are 13 episodes in season 2. 

In the nnouncement of the show’s renewal, Rob Sharenow, executive vice president at Lifetime, said in a statement: “With its great story telling and amazing cast, Witches of East End is leading a full-blown witch renaissance. The show’s perfect mix of premium execution with content that is in the zeitgeist is drawing new viewers to Lifetime and we’re very excited to be bringing it back for a second season.”

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