Wisconsin Students Called ‘Racist’ After School Official Mistakes Exfoliation Masks for Blackface

February 23, 2016 Updated: February 23, 2016

Last week, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s chancellor sent out a strongly worded public message that condemned two students who were photographed wearing what appeared to be blackface.

However, it was revealed that it was just a dark-colored exfoliation mask, the school later said. The girls had posted a photo on Snapchat, showing their skin care regimen.

But it’s how school chancellor, Beverly Kopper, initially responded that has caused some controversy. 

“Last night a disturbing racist post that was made to social media was brought to my attention. This post was hurtful and destructive to our campus community. While social media can certainly bring about positive change, it can also be a place that deeply hurts and harms others,” Kopper said, reported the National Review.

Later, Kopper confirmed that the two girls got a facial and took the picture. In a later interview with Channel3000, Kopper said the students didn’t mean it to be harmful and didn’t know the implications.

State senator Stephen Nass, a Republican from Whitewater, slammed Kopper in a statement of his own.

“The [chancellor’s] official statement misled students, parents, and the public by confirming that a racist event had occurred, even though it really hadn’t,” Nass wrote, per the Huffington Post.

“The racial over-reaction of Chancellor Beverly Kopper and other UW–Whitewater administrators without first checking the facts of the situation is a stark example of how political correctness has warped the mindset of highly educated university administrators,” Nass added.

“Frankly, these are the people responsible for educating our sons and daughters, but they seem incapable of applying reason or common sense.”