Wisconsin Governor Raises $13 Million for Recall

May 1, 2012 Updated: May 1, 2012

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker raised $13 million over the past three months for the upcoming recall election to oust him, according to his campaign.

“We continue to see strong grassroots support for Gov. Walker, his bold reforms, and his plans for moving Wisconsin forward,” said Walker spokeswoman Ciara Matthews, in a statement.

“Because of the overwhelming support for the governor, we can continue to speak to voters about how Gov. Walker plans to move Wisconsin forward, while his Democrat opponents plan to take Wisconsin backward to higher taxes, record job loss, and massive deficits,” she added.

His main Democratic challengers in the recall election have raised far less. Former Dane County executive Kathleen Falk raised $977,059 since January, and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett raised $831,508, according to Politico.

Falk accused Walker of playing politics while the state loses jobs.

“While Wisconsin loses more jobs than any other state, Gov. Walker has spent his time trying to save his own job,” said Falk. “He raised $13 million from across the country because he’s delivered an extreme agenda that isn’t our Wisconsin values.”