Winter Storm Cleon Dumps Snow Across US, Including Colorado, Montana, Wyoming

December 4, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Winter Storm Cleon continues moving across the U.S., bringing snow to the Colorado Rockies, the central plains, and the upper midwest.

The storm has dumped over 11 inches of snow in Estes Park and Crested Butte in Colorado; over 10 inches of snow in Gibbonsville, Millan, and Colburn in Idaho, and over 10 inches of snow in many areas in Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming (see full snow totals below).

Temperatures across many of the affected states were very low, even below zero, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The National Weather Service said in its Wednesday storm advisory that “moderate to heavy snow” is in progress in the Colorado Rockies, while “a new low forming in the central plains is expected to bring heavy snow and strong winds to the upper midwest this evening.”

Winter storm warnings are in effect for a wide swath of the United States.

Snow totals so far from Cleon:


Mammoth Lakes: 7 inches
Grizzly Flat: 3 inches


Crested Butte: 16 inches
Estes Park: 11.7 inches
Steamboat Springs: 9.5 inches
Buena Vista: 6 inches
Lyons: 3 inches

News Photo: Snow falls leading to the cancellation of the…

Snow in Beaver Creek, Colorado, which led to the cancellation of the men’s downhill training at the FIS Ski World Cup. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images)

News Photo: Snow falls leading to the cancellation of the…

News Photo: Snow falls leading to the cancellation of the…


Gibbonsville: 30 inches
Mullan: 12 inches
Colburn: 11 inches
Rexburg: 8.2 inches


Calumet: 6 inches
Paulding: 6 inches
Sterling: 4 inches
Trout Creek: 4 inches


Two Harbors: 26 inches
Central Hillside: 15 inches
Duluth: 14 inches
Grand Rapids: 10 inches

Evaro: 20 inches
Eureka: 14 inches
Jackson: 14 inches
Livingston: 12 inches

-North Dakota

Buffalo: 8 inches
Grand Forks: 7 inches
Bismark: 5.1 inches
Bowman: 5 inches


Valentine: 8 inches
Chadron: 5 inches
Kilgore: 4 inches
Springview: 4 inches


Sparks: 8.5 inches
Carson City: 6.8 inches
Reno: 6 inches
Spanish Springs: 5 inches


Flora: 9.5 inches
Meacham: 6 inches
Camp Sherman: 3 inches
Elgin: 3 inches

-South Dakota

Hoover: 8 inches
Lead: 6.4 inches
Bison: 6 inches
Zeona: 6 inches


Centerville: 10 inches
Bountiful Bench: 9.4 inches
Sandy: 7 inches
Fort Duchesne: 6 inches


Fresh snow falls at the base area at the Snow Park Lodge at Deer Valley Resort Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013, in Park City, Utah. (AP Photos/Deer Valley Resort)



Wenatchee: 7 inches
Chewelah: 6 inches
Northport: 4.8 inches
Ski Bluewood: 4 inches


Gordon: 10.6 inches
Superior: 8 inches
Port Wing: 6.3 inches
Mason: 6 inches


Cora: 21 inches
Yellowstone south entrance: 19 inches
Jackson: 15 inches
Cheyenne: 3.5 inches



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