William Bradley of Connecticut Arrested on Drug Charges After Posting Marijuana YouTube Video

January 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

William Bradley, a 46-year-old Connecticut resident, was arrested on a range of drug charges after posting a video on YouTube that showed him walking through his marijuana garden.

Bradley says his name and address during the video, which was posted in October 2013 but only recently discovered by police.

Bradley says he has terminal cancer, and told the NY Daily News that he made the video to help others who are suffering from similar illnesses but are not enrolled in the state’s medical marijuana program.

While Bradley was arrested for possession of marijuana, hashish, and cocaine found in a storage unit, he says police haven’t found his secret garden that was featured in the video.

“I want legalization for people with terminal illnesses,” he said. “It’s a sin. It’s only an herbal remedy; it’s not a narcotic.”

Another reason he posted the video was so he could get financial support. If he got it, he would give extra marijuana away, he said.

“It’s so I could live more comfortably,” he said. “It shows my desperation.”

Bradley is on disability and lives with his father, and is upset his doctors won’t prescribe him marijuana. 

In the video, he appeals for help in regards to extra marijuana he has since he started growing his own.

“As you can see, God has gifted me with an abundance and it’s more than I need,” Bradley said into the camera. “I want to be able to help people like myself and I don’t have the money to do that.”

He left his full name and P.O. box address.


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