Will the Democrats End Democracy?

November 2, 2020 Updated: November 2, 2020

Recall the 2000 Bush/Gore election fiasco: To try to overturn the Florida results, the Democrats began an exercise in reading tea leaves, using “hanging chads,” “pregnant chads,” and undervotes to infer a voter’s intent. Fortunately, the Supreme Court stopped this assault on the Republic, but the lesson was that the Democrats were quite willing to disenfranchise the voters of an entire state, with no concern for the damage done to our constitutional processes.

With the next Republican, Donald Trump, it got worse. The FBI, with the full knowledge of Obama and Biden, spied on the Trump campaign and accepted collusion allegations paid for by Hillary Clinton. They knew the data was not credible, but proceeded. $35 million later, they simply couldn’t gin up anything credible, so they tried an impeachment proceeding as feckless as the collusion charges. In this case, the Democrats tried to disenfranchise an entire nation to obtain control.

But for the 2020 election, their intent is even more sinister. Nancy Pelosi is putting together a presidential fitness commission. Think this over. She can’t possibly apply that to President Trump. In fact, she will have it ready to go if Biden, who clearly has mental deficits, wins the election.

Now some moderate Democrats will vote for Biden who would not have voted for Sanders. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, has a Senate record to the left of Sanders’. The Democrats are about to switch Biden for a Sanders lookalike. The Democrats are now disenfranchising their own voters.

John R. Doner