Will Smith bungee jumps from helicopter over Grand Canyon for charity to celebrate 50th B-day

December 27, 2018 Updated: January 19, 2019

Hardly anyone knows how to celebrate a party with as much flare as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Will Smith. So, when the star actor and 90s rap icon celebrated his 50th birthday on Tuesday, he didn’t disappoint.

Live on his YouTube channel, Smith is seen hanging out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon before leaping courageously from his perch into the canyon depths, bungee line securely fastened, of course.

Watching safely from atop the canyon are family members and friends cheering him on: wife Jada Pinket, kids Trey, Jaden, and Willow, “Fresh Prince” co-star Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro), and a few special guests.

Believe it or not, the stunt was prompted on a dare from Yes Theory, a YouTube channel whose mission is to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and face their fears.

What better way to celebrate your big 5-0 than by bungee jumping from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon?

Smith accepted the challenge on the condition that jump be for charity in support of international advocacy group Global Citizen’s education campaigns.

Then he sealed the deal by announcing the event to his fans on YouTube, and offered them a chance to donate and win a grand-prize experience, to join him, his family, and friends at the Grand Canyon on the big day.

Global Citizen is a music festival dedicated to ending extreme poverty around the world, particularly by means of charitable acts using social media.

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