WildStar Release Date: Beta Over, Game Launched with New Patch and Trailer

WildStar’s release date is Tuesday and the game is now officially launched from its beta state.

Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney issued a statement to the Wildstar gaming community.

“So here we are – finally about to launch WildStar. In many ways, it’s already launched. I wanted to take a moment here to reflect at a high level,” he wrote. “I’m really proud to be one of the team here, and I’m proud to launch WildStar.”

He added that his team’s “ vision was to make a great MMO – one we’d be proud to say ‘I worked on that!’ for the rest of our days,” adding that “fun combat” is a must.

“Conversely, we wanted multiple levelling options (Battlegrounds at level 6 onwards, Adventures at 15 onwards, Dungeons at 20 onwards) for those who would rather stick a fork in their face than do more questing in another MMO, regardless of how many psychopathic hamsters are running around,” he wrote. “In particular we wanted group gameplay to feel fun and tough and fresh again.”

Gaffney added that he wanted Wildstar to be the “most complete” MMORPG ever.

“Of course, that’s got to just be the start. How many MMOs have you seen that launch kinda well and then fade off because users don’t stick around? If we’re going to play with the big boys, we have to earn the right to be one of the few MMOs that can not just draw gamers in, but can earn those gamers’ loyalty over time. It’ll be hard; it’s a tough market out there and there are giants launching on either side of us,” he wrote.

According to a Carbine Studios staff member on the forums, a new patch was also issued on Monday evening.

A major one is now “factional restrictions have been removed from the realm PvP rule-set. In essence, you may now create both Exile and Dominion characters on the same PvP-flagged realm.”

A number of bugs were also fixed and the developers “improved overall game performance and graphics optimization.”

The developers also released a new trailer for the game for its launch.