WikiLeaks Says It Reveals CIA Hacking Tools

March 7, 2017 Updated: March 7, 2017

Among the confidential documents published by WikiLeaks were a series of files purportedly attached to the CIA’s Operational Support Branch. They described tools and projects with exotic names, among them Time Stomper, Fight Club, Jukebox, Bartender, Wild Turkey and Margarita. Many of those tools contained no additional data, so it was unclear what the projects were designed to do.

But a separate accompanying file contains a welcome statement that hinted at the malware and intrusion instruments at the agency’s command: “Ah yeah, OSB Projects y’all! You know we got the dankest Trojans and collection tools for all your windows asset assist and ORC needs.”

It was not immediately clear what “ORC” stood for, although the acronym frequently refers to “Old Red Cracker,” a mysterious, early hacking pioneer who openly published directions for reverse-engineering software blueprints in efforts to identify vulnerabilities in them.