Wife of Imprisoned Bijie Daily Reporter Speaks Out

By Feng Changyue, Epoch Times Staff
February 1, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: February 1, 2006 12:00 am

Four months ago, China's State Security arrested 45-year old Li Yuanlong, a reporter from the Bijie Daily in Guizhou Province. Li, whose pen name is “Night Wolf,” was charged with “instigating subversion of the state” for publishing articles criticizing the ugliness in society, and for expressing his free will and democratic thought. Two of Li's articles that contributed to his arrest were “Joining U.S. citizens in the way of thinking” and “Ordinary birth, pitiful death.”

Li is currently imprisoned at the Bijie detention center. In October 2005, his case was still under further investigation due to lack of evidence.

The Epoch Times recently interviewed Li's wife, Ms. Yang, a teacher at elementary school. Li's arrest caused his family tremendous pain, sorrow and uneasiness. Ms. Yang told the reporter how the family had struggled financially with the loss of Li's wages after his arrest. She is also worried about Li's life under the harsh environment in the detention center. Li Yuanlong is 160 cm tall and weighed only 45 kilograms.

Ms. Yang explained that he suffered chronic malnutrition and was always very focused on his work, often visiting remote and poverty stricken areas to cover stories. He even used some of his limited income to provide educational help to those in poverty. Li's son, who is facing a college entrance examination, feels pressure from his father's arrest and the criticism of society.

Ms. Yang said that no family member has seen Li Yuanlong since his arrest, since the police forbid it. She said that her husband is a responsible, upright person with a good heart. One of his stories about children who missed school due to poverty had a big impact in society. Many children were able to go back to school with the help of donations from the public. Li helped countless such children over the years. However, the local government prohibited him from publishing these reports. The authorities believed that if Li continued to expose the dark side of society, it would reflect badly on the current main ideologies.

Ms. Yang said that the internet has exposed a lot of the truth. What's happening worldwide has strongly encouraged the family. She said that the family appreciated the concerns and attention by oversea media regarding Li Yuanlong's case. She knows that her husband is innocent. As far as she is concerned, his thoughts are innocent, his articles are innocent and his words are innocent.

Ms. Yang is appealing to the authorities to unconditionally release Li Yuanlong and she has vowed to complete what he has not finished.