Wife of Chargers Player Jumps From Stands During Injury

December 17, 2017 Updated: December 17, 2017

A San Diego Chargers player’s wife apparently jumped out of the stands to check on him after he was injured.

Adrian Phillips, a safety with the team, went down with an ankle injury during Saturday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

He spent several minutes on the ground as the team evaluated his condition.

His wife, Camille, apparently had seen enough from the stands and she went down to the field.

She was escorted off the field by security.

“She was concerned. I’m her husband, she cares for me and nobody wants to see their significant other injured like that, especially on the ground for that long,” Phillips said of his wife, ESPN reported. He was asked if he was surprised to see her on the field.

“No, but they let her down,” Phillips said. “They let her down. A lot of people think she just jumped it, but she was going to jump it regardless. But they ended up letting her down.”

The NFL Network reported that she might face some type of penalty for leaving the stands.

Phillips returned to the game after the injury.

The Chargers lost to the Chiefs 30-13.