Why You Should Shout What You’re Whispering About

November 24, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Social norms have taught us that speaking our minds isn’t polite. Through business strategy we’ve been taught that being too honest can cost deals. But, if you study marketing or branding it’s been proven that speaking what is on everyone else’s mind not only grabs your audience’s attention but gets them to react to the content. It also happens to be the difference between incredibly successful companies and those that are struggling. So, to beat the competition, how do you strike a happy medium so your audience is reacting but not turned off?

No One Likes A Know It All. There are two extremes when it comes to businesses speaking their minds: there are those who just won’t be quiet and those who never speak up.  But, the worst are those who must have an opinion on everything and make it their mission to be right about everything. There is nothing attractive about a know it all, so when interacting with your audience always entice them into conversation through a questions instead of shutting it down with a fact or opinion. (In order to know exactly what you should be saying in the first place, read about this one marketing tactic that can bring you overnight success.

Spinning Like A Merry-Go-Round. Often companies instinctively follow trends within their industry. The problem with this is that very quickly it becomes a repeat for your audience and you start looking outdated and out of touch. Instead, be conscious of what trends are happening in your industry and go in a different direction. Insert your special spin on a new development or share your insights on how this new trend can be used. You want to advance the conversation, not recycle it.

Stop Beating Around The Bush. Occasionally you will be faced with the scenario to express an opinion on a certain development, technology, promotion or trend in your industry. Instinctively your reaction will be to say what others expect you to say. Fight this instinct with all your might and instead (politely) phrase your unique opinion on the matter in language that relates to your audience. If you react like everyone else then you will inevitable just becomes one of the crowd.

Speak Human Not Lingo. Not everyone in your audience is familiar with the technical terms of your audience so try to keep these to a minimum. Instead, word things the way your audience would. This will help your audience connect with you in a more authentic way and see you as relatable.

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