Why States Have Begun to Wisely Ban Critical Race Theory

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
June 1, 2021 Updated: June 1, 2021

While the Biden administration is pushing critical race theory (CRT) on federal employees, the military, and in our schools, states are passing legislation to ban it from being taught in their public schools.

CRT rejects both colorblindness and meritocracy as illusions that allow Whites to perpetuate their cultural dominance. Those who believe in colorblindness and meritocracy are branded as racist. Instead of advancement through individual merit, CRT recommends an exclusive focus on race in hiring and educational opportunities. It is affirmative action on steroids.

CRT promotes the use of race to create an Orwellian hierarchy of equality in which some racial groups would be ranked as superior to others. To the proponents of CRT, that means Whites and Asians will be the ones singled out to be discriminated against. When Hitler came to power, one of the first things he did to Jews was to bar them from most professions and universities. Many colleges in the USA currently do this to a lesser degree to Asian college applicants by making their admissions much harder. History does repeat itself, and those who are ignorant of it are doomed to repeat it.

The worst part of CRT is that Whites cannot redeem themselves as they are born racist. It is apparently part of their DNA. The only way Whites can curry some favor is to admit they are racists. Following that logic, the FINAL SOLUTION would be to eliminate Whites from society by not allowing them to breed or putting them in special camps where they cannot contaminate the rest of society.

The bottom line is CRT is an evil racist philosophy that is designed to destroy the USA as we know it.

Commander Wayne L. Johnson,

JAGC, Navy (Retired)


The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn