Why Roly Polys Are Actually Secret Mini Ninja Armadillos

By Jasmina.Davis
August 11, 2014 Updated: August 11, 2014

Roly Poly’s are actually secret ninja armadillos. Here is how.


All coiled up they can be…


Strange how they can both coil up in such a way…

Epoch Times Photo
(London Permaculture/Flickr)


Just watch how it walks… (observe the tiny feet verses the huge shell)


This is how a roly poly walks (skip to 1:12)


This cat wants to play with an armadillo…


Similar to how this praying mantis wants to play with this roly poly (WARNING: graphic scenes)


Roly polys are definitely mini ninja armadillos.

*Image of “Armadillo” via Shutterstock