Why Knowing Your ‘Why’ Can Make You A Billionaire


If you were stopped by a stranger in the street and asked “what do you do?” odds are you would be able to answer them in 30 seconds. But, if that same person asked you “why do you do what you do?” would you be able to answer so eloquently? As business owners we practice our pitch and the ‘what’ of our business 24/7 but when was the last time you focused on the ‘why’? Turns out knowing your why –and making it a identifying able message for your team and clients- will align you will some of the most successful business owners in the world, bring you prosperity and closer to the business growth you always imagined.


Make Clients Choose YOU. The truth about today is that there is uprising of competition in every market. No exepetions. So what makes prospects choose you? Most of your competitors will most like be offering the same price, quality and comparable service –so what makes you so special? Here’s a secret: If people can not choose you because of your what they will choose you because of your why. Create a message and an experience that engages your audience and speaks their particular needs. Want to know how to create this distinction between you and your competition? More on this here: http://bit.ly/1owZyG2   



Grow Like a Billionaire. Venture capitalist Tony Tjan recently recounted what he believed most billionaires have in common: a strong mission and purpose. “It turns out there are many ways to make a billion dollars” Tijan writes “But the most interesting (and most respected) businesses and personalities are also the one with the strongest and most authentic purposes behind them.” Having a strong purpose won’t only help you envision your business goals but also weather the storm when things get tough. Knowing you are in it for a purpose larger than money will help you see rainbows on cloudy days.



Create A Culture. Once you have taken the time to contemplate your ‘why’ make sure you do more with it then just write it on a piece of paper. By embodying this purpose you will be creating a culture of purpose with your staff and employees. This can be done through specific language, casual Friday affairs and the Creating this culture –the way in which everything is processed through the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’ will help you create a loyal and effeciant staff who are in it for more than then paycheck. I’ve seen some companies ask employees to not send any emails on Fridays in an effort to promote productivity and I’ve seen others create certain game spaces to help employees relax and unwind. Consider how your ‘why’ and purposeful message can be infused in your workspace to create a culture of purpose.


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