Why It’s Hard For You To Find New Clients

May 23, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

For you, finding new clients feels like a scavenger hunt. You’re just not quite sure where your next client is hiding. You’ve gotten most of your clients through referrals or at random networking events but can’t seem to pinpoint a constant source, which makes you feel like the detective in the Pink Panther; your savvy future clients are leaving the room before you even enter it. Below 5 tips on why this may be happening and how to get strategic about constantly creating leads and finding clients.


  1. You’re not looking in the right places. Finding clients should not be like a game of spin the bottle. Start thinking the way your customer would –where would they network? Who would they be speaking to? i.e. If you are an website designer odds are your ideal client is in the midst of re-branding so write a list of people your client would need to speak to. Then create a list of conferences, networking events and outings where these people may be found at. That’s your sweet spot!
  2. 2.     You’re not expressing your value clearly enough. You’ve found where your clients hang out but haven’t sold to nearly as many people as you “should” have. Go back and speak to your old clients. Invite them to lunch or coffee and ask them for feedback on your services and what made them want to work with you in the first place. You will start to notice a trend. Beef up areas where your value isn’t coming across and start noticing where clients interest lie. Make sure you are speaking to their problem and not their wants. More on this here 
  3. 3.     You’re services are not answering a wake-up-at-4am Problem. I’ve seen this happen with many lifestyle coaches or mindset coaches. What you teach is invaluable but getting people to understand that they need it is an uphill battle. Instead, start a conversation with them around methods they might already be employing and the ways in which this has impacted their lives. Gather as much information as possible and then start to dig around to make them realize that their solution might be temporary but yours is permanent.
  4. 4.     You’re a Networking Mess. You know how important networking is and how crucial it is to build relationships in order to get clients and referrals. You network at least 2-3 times a week and have 3-5 coffee dates as well. Problem is your not being selective enough about the events you attend, which means that you are wasting your time with people who are not your ideal client. Stop wasting your time and money and start getting strategic about which events you attend.
  5. 5.     You’re Not Following-Up With The People You Meet. I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they are doing it all right –they are networking and meeting new people all the time but they still can’t seem to find new clients. Two word solution: Follow-up. Invite your prospects to chat with you on the phone or meet you for coffee or have coffee with you over skype. However you do it, the idea is to not collect business cards but log them into your rolodex and then make a connection before the lead gets cold.


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