Why I Subscribed

November 30, 2020 Updated: November 30, 2020

I subscribed today after contemplating a subscription for two months. Why today? Because, after reading mainstream print news and digital platforms during the presidential campaign, I was pushed over the edge by the Sunday New York Times Nov. 15 Week in Review, The cover depicted a cartoonish picture of President Trump comparing him to the Alfred E. Neuman “What Me Worry?” character of MAD magazine. The New York Times has descended into the gutter, now lying down with dogs. I am no youngster and can recall the days of great journalism; The New York Times and other mainstream media outlets are today poor imitations of those professional pursuits. The New York Times’ editorial board clearly holds a Trump animus, but its manner, words, method of expressing that animus are unworthy of its heritage and past esteemed journalists.

Throughout the campaign, I kept track of news articles. The bias against President Trump and conservatives was evident and overwhelming. Not one front-page article spoke to President Trump’s accomplishments [and instead] seized on topics to denigrate and diminish him. In contrast, the front page articles on Biden were glowing and glaring in their absence of any criticism. Not one mainstream newspaper, news outlet, or digital platform ever mentioned the topic of the Hunter Biden laptop emails and their implications—no questions asked, no investigation launched by any journalists. A great news organization would have dug in and tenaciously pursued this issue until a full and accurate record could be disclosed for the public’s consumption. Watergate Redux?

I am encouraged that The Epoch Times will become a great newspaper and news media outlet. We desperately need one. And I pray that the behemoth corporations that control the news and deny the message of a free and fair press are slain.

Thank you.

Ann Christine Monica