Why hiring people will make you rich

Here are some common scenarios from small business owners:

You’re computer starts acting up and you fiddle with it for two hours trying to fix it. You come back from meeting with a client and spend three hours updating notes.

You get lost on Facebook or emails and two hours slip away.

You take four hours every 1st of the month to do bookkeeping.

What’s wrong with this picture?

You’re spending your valuable time doing work that can be outsourced for a third of your hourly rate. Hiring people is never fun –it take tenacity, training and follow through. But if done for the right reasons it can actually help make you incredible rich.

One of the most common complaints I hear from small business owners is their lack of time. It’s one of the few precious commodities that simply can’t be bought. But if time is so precious then why are we constantly wasting it away doing things that we know aren’t going to reward us in the end?

And, if we all want to be ultimately working less and getting paid more –then why spend our precious time doing things that don’t pay us?

If you are not on a salary then figuring out how to get paid your worth for the amount of time you want to work can get tricky. Just because I want to only work 40 hours a month and make $10k a month doesn’t mean I’m going to be making $250 every hour of the day. But, it does mean this: I need to know exactly how many clients I need each month to reach my ultimate financial goal. And, that means being very strict with my time.

Here are some of the strategies to limit your time and get better at delegating.

1. If you have Gmail look at the emailga.me as a potential tool for clearing email and going through it quickly. If you have another email provider then turn off all noises and alerts when doing your work. This will help you focus and not get distracted so you don’t waste any of your precious minutes!

2. When it comes to most administrative work it can easily be delegated for sometimes less than $10hr. Imagine if you can use those extra hours to get new clients, then isn’t it worth making the investment? Check out Odesk, Fiverr and Elance.

3. Don’t do any specialty but your own! You are not a bookkeeper or an IT professional. Start a list of go-to professionals you can build a relationship with. If your budget is tight, look for younger professionals who might want to do a trade swap with you. Also, always look for software that might solve the problem without needing to hire. Accounting software such as Quickbooks will manage your accounts for you. Simply link up your banking and invoicing systems and your good to go!