Why DIRECTV Internet Bundles Have Changed The Way We Think About Buying Broadband Services

December 8, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Having reliable, high speed broadband internet is close to being considered an essential utility in most American homes these days – almost as important as water and electricity. In an ever more connected world, fast wireless broadband allows the whole household to use all of their devices anywhere in the house, and this is something many people simply wouldn’t want to live without.

Historically, this meant choosing a good ISP and paying for internet service either as a separate thing, or as an addition on your contract with your home telephone service provider. However, with the rise in popularity of digital satellite TV, internet services are now something you are more likely to consider buying through your TV company than on their own. Thanks to things like DIRECTV internet bundles, people now tend to source their satellite television, broadband and often their home phone too, all from one provider. Here we look at why:

The Convenience of Buying TV and Internet Bundles


Some people simply don’t watch television broadcasts anymore, preferring to watch all of their favourite shows and live events online. While this may seem like a good reason not to buy a TV package at all, in actual fact when combined with a good broadband internet service, it is actually the opposite. With HD DVR services and access to libraries of countless shows and movies, as well as streaming of sporting events that are not broadcast on traditional channels, a good satellite TV service can actually really benefit even those who never switch on the TV and go channel hopping.

Add to this the number of people who do like to watch TV the conventional way, and the fact that many of the most popular shows air on channels you don’t get without a good cable or satellite package, and it is clear that many households have a demand for a good TV and DVR service, as well as internet. By bundling them together, they not only get the benefits of the kind of integrated services that providers like DIRECTV offer, but also some practical conveniences, like only having one customer care number to call with any issues with their TV or broadband, and only having one bill to pay. Financially, savings can also be significant.

Is This The End of the Dedicated ISP?

There is a lot of talk about how TV executives feel about the prevalence of internet bundles, and much speculation on how the transition towards bundled services will affect the wider economy surrounding online network services. However, this is an area of the market where the consumer is king, and it is clear that consumers see a lot of advantages to buying internet in this way. This means that unless there are regulatory changes in terms of how bundles and packages can be offered, the trend towards these as a means of obtaining internet services is set to continue.