Hilarious Moments When Friends Fail You

April 25, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2019

It is a funny compilation video making the rounds on Facebook. In each short clip, watch as human and animal interactions demonstrate just how friends can let you down in a moment—intentionally or not.

Filled with funny moments the include a dog sitting on another, a man accidentally shoveling dirt into his friend’s face, a dog peeing against a man’s back, a chicken walking through hardening concrete, or a dog knocking an unsuspecting man overboard on a boat, you are sure to laugh at each clip. With acts that seem intentional, it is funny to watch these shocking moments when those that seem to be friends let you down—and it is all captured on camera.

Nearly everyone can think of an interaction they had where someone let them down, either by accident or on purpose, but with no hard feelings and only laughter in the aftermath. The viral compilation is bringing smiles to millions of faces around the county and causing viewers to reminisce about their own funny interactions with friends, both human and animal. You must watch this compilation video for yourself. You will not be able to contain your laughter and smile.