So Who Do Celebrities Follow on Twitter?

By Cindy Drukier
Cindy Drukier
Cindy Drukier
Cindy Drukier is a veteran journalist, editor, and producer. She's the host of NTD's The Nation Speaks featured on EpochTV.
April 22, 2014 Updated: April 22, 2014

Ever since it came out that over 50 percent of Barack Obama’s followers are fake, and half of Justin Bieber’s Twitter Beliebers aren’t real people, we’ve become a little bit skeptical of stars and their legions of Twitter followers.

However, what celebs can’t fake is who they chose to follow on Twitter. Some are not very discerning, like Lady Gaga who follows 135,419 people and counting. Others are extremely selective. Eminem follows no one and flips the bird at his 16 million followers; Jim Carrey follows only one person, his daughter Jane. Bill Clinton follows 10 accounts while Barack Obama follows 655,636. 

Here is a selected list of stars who are selective about who they follow, followed by a selected list of their followers. 

The ground rules: The celebrities on the list can’t follow more than 100 accounts, but they have to have between half a million and 17 million followers; Twitter verified accounts only need apply.

Worth mentioning are the personalities who were (largely) excluded from the follow lists simply because they showed up so often and there’s no sense in getting repetitive. The A-list of stars who are most followed by other stars include: Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Pharrell Williams, Conan O’Brian, Jimmy Fallon, Steve Martin, Howard Stern, The Daily Show, and Stephen Colbert.


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Followers: 17,318,534
Following: 79

Who Bruno Mars follows:
Adam Lambert
R. Kelly
Travie McCoy
Lenny Kravitz
Leonard Nimoy


Epoch Times Photo
Followers: 739,633
Following: 28

Who Leonard Nimoy follows:
Bill Gates
Barack Obama ‏
Ben Stiller
Ron Howard
American Airlines
George Takei ‏


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GEORGE TAKEI ‏ @GeorgeTakei
Followers: 913,237
Following: 71

Who George Takei follows:
Patrick Stewart
Henry Winkler
Jason Ellis
Barack Obama
Ian McKellen


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Followers: 654,532
Following: 75

Who Ian McKellen follows:
Susan Sarandon
Kevin Spacey
Yoko Ono
John Cleese
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hanks
Hugh Jackman


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HUGH JACKMAN @RealHughJackman
Followers: 3,446,734
Following: 55

Who Hugh Jackman follows:
Barack Obama
Dwayne Johnson
Tyler Smith
Oprah Winfrey
Lance Armstrong ‏
Russell Crowe


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RUSSELL CROWE @russellcrowe
Followers: 1,304,962
Following: 96

Who Russell Crowe follows:
Chris Rock
Ronan Keating
Snoop Dogg
Rupert Murdoch
Dalai Lama
Emma Watson


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Followers: 11,133,669
Following: 78

Who Emma Watson follows:
Ben Affleck
Mike Bloomberg
Michelle Obama
Diane Keaton
Hugh Jackman
Tom Hanks


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TOM HANKS @tomhanks
Followers: 7,455, 001
Following: 24

Who Tom Hanks follows:
Nia Vardalos
Taylor Swift
Barack Obama
Oprah Winfrey ‏
Rita Wilson
Steve Martin ‏


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STEVE MARTIN‏ @SteveMartinToGo
Followers: 4,468,331
Following: 97

Who Steve Martin follows:
Don Rickles
Zelda Williams
Amy Tan
Diane Keaton
Marisa Tomei
Robin Williams
David Spade
Bette Midler


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BETTE MIDLER‏ @BetteMidler
Followers: 507,224
Following: 70

Who Bette Midler follows:
Carrie Fisher
Patrick Stewart
Elton John
Michael Moore
Dalai Lama
Beyoncé Knowles
Al Gore ‏
Albert Brooks



Epoch Times Photo 
Followers: 521,152
Following: 15

Who Albert Brooks follows:
Richard Lewis
Kevin Pollak
Nell Scovell
Gary Shandling
Judd Apatow
Howard Stern


Epoch Times Photo
Followers: 1,511,787
Following: 86

Who Howard Stern follows:
Adobe Photoshop
Sharon Osbourne
Howie Mandel
LA Reid
Nick Cannon
Albert Brooks
David Spade


Epoch Times Photo
Followers: 2,004,442
Following: 28

Who David Spade follows:
Jay Glazer
The Onion
Dana White
Sarah Silverman
Chris Rock


Epoch Times Photo 
CHRIS ROCK @chrisrock
Followers: 2,458,211
Following: 86

Who Chris Rock follows:
Cindy Crawford
Pamela Anderson
Anderson Cooper
Barack Obama
Adam Sandler ‏
Jay Leno
Bill Cosby
Samuel L. Jackson
Justin Timberlake
Jerry Seinfeld


Epoch Times Photo
Jerry Seinfeld @JerrySeinfeld
Followers: 2,172,119
Following: 48

Who Jerry Seinfeld follows:
Don Rickles
ESPN Stats & Info
Bill Cosby
jimmy fallon ‏
The Onion
Dwight Gooden
Kevin Spacey ‏


Epoch Times Photo
Kevin Spacey @KevinSpacey
Followers: 2,972,853
Following: 38

Who Kevin Spacey follows:
Beau Willimon
Tom Hanks ‏
Chris Hadfield
The Academy
Hollywood Reporter
Bill Clinton


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BILL CLINTON @billclinton
Followers: 1,344,162
Following: 10

Who Bill Clinton follows (the full list):
Clinton School ‏
Hillary Clinton
Clinton Foundation ‏
Healthier Generation
Clinton Library ‏
CGI U ‏ (Clinton Global Initiative University)
CHAI ‏ (Clinton Health Access Initiative)
CGI (Clinton Global Initiative)
Chelsea Clinton ‏
Stephen Colbert


Epoch Times Photo 
Followers: 5,550,571
Following: 1
Bill Clinton


Epoch Times Photo 
Followers: 9,397,796
Following: 1
Sarah Killen ‏ (random fan)


Epoch Times Photo
Followers: 11,751,474
Following: 1
Jane Carrey (his daughter)



Epoch Times Photo
DONALD TRUMP @realDonaldTrump
Followers: 2,442,841
Following: 44

Who Donald Trump follows:
Trump Hotels
Eric Trump ‏
Donald Trump Jr. ‏
Ivanka Trump
…  pretty much all his business interests, plus:
Joan Rivers
Earvin Magic Johnson ‏
Steven Tyler ‏


Zero Club

Stars who have at least a million followers, they’ve tweeted at least 1,000 tweets, but follow no one (shame on them).

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Cindy Drukier
Cindy Drukier
Cindy Drukier is a veteran journalist, editor, and producer. She's the host of NTD's The Nation Speaks featured on EpochTV.