Whitney Bischoff, Bachelor 2015 Contestant: Age, Job, Pictures, Photos

January 12, 2015 Updated: January 12, 2015

Whitney Bischoff is the rumored winner of the Bachelor 2015, although whether she actually wins or not is the subject of much debate.

In any case, her early connection with Bachelor Chris Soules has led most to believe she’ll stick around for a while even if she doesn’t win.

Bischoff is 29 and lives in Chicago, where she works at the Fertility Centers in Illinois. She shared about her profession in the premiere with Chris, inquiring whether he inseminates pigs as part of his farming work.

Bischoff is originally from Kentucky, where she graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2007 with a Bachelors in Nursing.

She is also rumored to have gotten a nose job sometime in the past, although that hasn’t been confirmed.

ABC revealed in one of its short snippets about its contestants that Whitney “once got into a bathtub of boiled noodles,” really likes her razor, and “is a terrible dancer, but it doesn’t stop her.” She also is attached to her planner.

She also revealed in her profile that she loves a gentleman, a man who opens doors for her and makes her laugh. And her biggest fear is ending up alone, not finding love. “I’m a complete hopeless romantic,” she said. She also prefers a man who wants to be pursued. “To me that means he is a little on the shy side and enjoys an outgoing girl like myself.”





Not a whole lot else has become known yet about Whitney, although she has been pictured with former Bachelor Pad star Jacelyn Swartz and Bachelor Nation stars Christie and Casey.

In the major spoiler for this season, Reality Steve says that Bischoff wins the final rose, and is now engaged to Soules.

Steve also warned viewers that Bischoff’s voice can be very annoying. 

“What I will say is that you might want to prepare yourselves for Whitney’s voice. It’s very baby-ish, it’s very high pitched, and quite nasally. I know you absolutely think I’m exaggerating. I don’t think I am. Of course like anything, we all have our likes and dislikes,” he said.

“Some of you will think it’s annoying, some of you will be fine by it, and some of you will be driven up a [expletive] wall by it. It’s that different. It almost sounds cartoonish to me. I’m just warning you. I can’t think of any former contestant in the history of this show that sounds like her, and it’s not even close.”

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