Where Can I Buy Charlie Hebdo? Next Week’s Issue, and Subscriptions Outside France

January 11, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

The attack on Charlie Hebdo sparked widespread interest in the magazine, and people from all over the world are wondering how they can get their hands on the next issue, and also information about subscriptions.

While multiple top-level employees were killed in the terrorist attack, the surviving staffers have vowed to publish an issue next week in part to honor those who died.

The issue is slated to run on Wednesday, January 14. Richard Malka, the lawyer for the satirical magazine, told AFP that the edition will be one million copies–significantly more than the normal 60,000 print run.

The easiest way to get the next issue outside of France depends on where you’re located. As one Reddit user pointed out, if there’s a specialized magazine/newspaper store near you with an international section, that store will likely have copies. And most airport newspaper stands should have the issue stocked, at least until it sells out.

Another user said he’s been to some of the French book stores in London, and they’re trying hard to stock their stores with as many of the upcoming issues as possible in anticipation of buyers. 

For those in New York City, there should be plenty of options, including several of the shops at Grand Central and Penn Station. And if you aren’t able to find an issue, you could always ask a friend in France to send you a copy.

For those all over, including in France, interested in obtaining a subscription for the magazine, the best way might be through Amazon.



The 52 issue, 12 month subscription is currently going for $186.25–with free shipping. That’s $3.58 per issue. The main problem with this is the first issue isn’t slated to arrive to subscribers for about a month.

The other aspect is ordering back issues. Because of the widespread media coverage of the attacks, the prices on basically all  of these issues have ramped up, but some are going for around $15 on Amazon.

Buying memorabilia such as t-shirts and cups are another good way to show support for the magazine.


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