When your iPhone™ Breaks

September 10, 2015 Updated: November 27, 2015

Most people have some sort of smartphone hiding somewhere in their pocket or elsewhere on their person. With Apple® and Android®-based phones leading the pack there are lots of options out there to choose from. Many people enjoy using the Apple® iPhones™ for their sleek appearance and the multitude of apps that are generally released for them first, before making their way to the Android® marketplace. Because people have become so accustomed to constantly having their mobile phones with them, when they are not working as they should it can feel like your entire world is over.

There are many afflictions that can strike the users of an iPhones™. Some of them are easily repairable and sometimes it requires what feels like serious surgery to get your phone up and running again. Some common problems can be as simple as a cracked or broken screen, inconsistent battery-life and an overall slow device. The first thing you should try if you find your battery is draining quickly or your phone is not as quick is to completely shut down the phone and restart it. Because we use our phones so much they don’t get that much needed shut down to ensure there are no carelessly open applications or no overuse of RAM. A full shut down and restart is most likely the first thing a technician will do when they look at your device anyway, so it’s best to try it out yourself and see if it helps. Alternatively, Apple® has a very well done support section on its website that goes over the most common issues with the iPhones™ are and what fixes can be employed.

In the event your debilitated iPhone™ requires major surgery such as a screen replacement, you want to ensure that you take that to a professional. There are videos floating around that show how to do it yourself, but if you aren’t a technical person you probably don’t want to attempt something like this on your own and risk ruining your warranty. By taking your device in to a professional you can rest assured that the appropriate fixes are being done and that your beloved iPhone™ will be up and running in the way you know and love. In some cases a full factory reset may be required so make sure that you are always backing up your files and contacts so that you’re prepared.