Whatsapp Brings End to End Encryption to Its Platform

Whatsapp has started encrypting users' messages in an effort to bolster security and privacy
By Vlad Dudau
Vlad Dudau
Vlad Dudau
November 19, 2014 Updated: November 19, 2014

Whatsapp has started encrypting users’ messages in an effort to bolster security and privacy in front of constant threats from government spying and cyber-criminals.

The move was disclosed yesterday by a startup called Open Whisper Systems, who has been collaborating with Whatsapp on the extra security. The new encryption should keep messages safe while stored on devices, but also while travelling between servers online.

Whatsapp, which was recently acquired by Facebook for $22 billion thanks to stock price increases, is following Google, Microsoft and Apple who have been increasing their systems’ security ever since Edward Snowden made the NSA’s dealings public.

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Vlad Dudau