What’s Your Business Bucket List?

January 6, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

The idea of having a bucket list – a checklist of adventures and destinations you’d like to visit while you still can – is pretty common. You might have one stashed in your wallet or desk or written in the corner of your mind. But, who wants to wait to travel when their nearing retirement? Traveling to exotic countries while having to worry if there is a operating hospital nearby isn’t exactly the glorified adventure you probably had in mind. This polarized view that life is all work and no play until you reach 65 can hardly be appealing to anyone still enjoying their youth. But, what if life didn’t have to be so black and white? Instead, I offer that we see the entire pretzel as an adventure. Because if making your first million dollars coincides with being able to afford a lavish trip to Maui, then why not put it on the list? Below are steps to creating a bucket list for your business or career that will help bring some perspective to where you are headed in 2015.

It’s Not The How It’s The What. Many times when we start thinking about what we want to achieve in business we either get stuck by the overwhelming amount of questions that begin to creep up (How am I going to be able to do that?!) or your internal committee (those incessant voices in your head) let you know just how ludicrous it is to dream you’ll hit 6-figures this year. Ironically, none of these objections pop up when we add to our personal wishlist “Katy Perry Tickets” or “Jimmy Choo Shoes”. And simply put, it’s because your mind has already accepted that you could attend a Katy Perry concert while wearing beautiful Jimmy Choo stilettos. But, it has a much harder time when it comes to business and more specifically money. Anytime your internal committee pops up and there is resistance it’s because your mind cannot grasp your desire as a possible reality. So, trick your mind. If you are getting a lot of resistance around making 6-figures this year then concentrate instead on being able to hire three new staff members or affording a better office – actions that would follow running a lucrative business that might be easier for your mind to accept as a possibility.

Don’t Be Scared To See Big. As you add goals to your bucket remember that this is not a list of 2015 business goals. This is what you want to accomplish in your business or career over the next twenty to thirty years. So, allow yourself to dream big. There will be tons of time to fulfill all of your items. And, you might surprise yourself at how quickly you’ll go threw them as you start to activate the Law of Attraction. Most importantly make sure that they all resonate with you. Don’t add something to your list that you aren’t sure you want or are having trouble grasping as a possibility. Stick to those that make you feel confident, excited and empowered.

What’s on your business bucket list? Let us know below or email us at info@popcornprod.com.