What Type Of Carton Is Best For My Product?

January 15, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Carton packaging is very important to make sure that the product that you are shipping makes it to its destination without damage. To know which kind of carton you should use to ship your product, you first have to have an understanding of the functions of each kind of carton before you can choose. We recommend always speaking with a cartoning manufacturer like Econocorp for first-hand information before you make a decision. You also have to keep in mind the shape, size, and weight of the object that you are going to ship, knowing this will help you pick the right carton for you.

Types Of Cartons

One kind of carton is the five panel wraps, which has five sides that can be bent to create the box. These are single cardboard boxes that are usually used for sporting goods that are longer, like hockey sticks, bats, tennis rackets, and golf clubs. This kind of box is sometimes also known as a smarty box because of its design.

A full overlap carton is a narrow box that has four flaps that overlap to complete the box. These kinds of boxes are great if the to ship things that are flat because then there is less movement in the box.

A telescoping box is one that has two panels that slide together. They look like a chocolate box and come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be sealed with glue or staples depending on the contents of the box. This kind of box is tight and little, which makes shipping things like paintings.

Slotted cartons are the kind of boxes that are usually used by most companies for shipping and storing items. Slotted cartons are usually made of corrugated cardboard and can be taped or stapled shut. These are the most cost effective kind of boxes and by adding things, like packing peanuts or the air filled bags to protect your items.
If you work in an office building, you have probably seen nested trays at you workplace. These kinds of cartons come in all different shapes and sizes. They are stackable for easy storage and work great to hold documents and magazines that need to be stored or packed.

When you go to a store or gas station, you have probably seen counter top displays. Counter top displays can be found on the counter where you check out, these kinds of boxes are customizable to the product that will be displayed in it. They can also have any print you want on them and are a great way to get your customer’s attention.

Suitcase boxes are boxes that resemble a suitcase; laptop computers are known to come in these kinds of boxes. They close on their own without tape or glue and have a handle, which makes carrying them easier. They are also used to give out promotional gifts to customers.

There are tons of different cartons you can use to ship your product, and it is up to you to pick the right one that will be able to hold your product and sell it.