What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

April 3, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Being in a car accident is a common occurrence and most people in their lifetimes are involved in a fender bender. When this happens people tend to get flustered if they have not been in a car accident before. Being able to regain your composure is imperative because there are things that have to be done following a car accident. Having a set plan of what to do immediately following a car accident is important as being able to follow that plan can help keep you safe from lawsuits and possibly a ticket.

Don’t Panic And Leave The Scene

As silly as this might sound, there are thousands of people each year who leave the scene of an accident when they panic. This can also lead to traffic citations as leaving the scene of an accident is a misdemeanor and hit and run is a more severe misdemeanor. Stay in your car until you calm down after the accident and things will work themselves out.

Call The Police

Regardless of how minor an accident might seem, calling the police is an important step. The police will be able to write out an accident report that will state what exactly happened to cause the accident. Make sure to be as detailed as possible when giving your statement to the officer as this is an important piece of evidence. The police can also judge who was at fault by the positioning of the cars and damage inflicted as they see accidents very frequently. This is also why not altering the scene of the accident is important especially when who is at fault has not been determined.

Call Your Car Insurance Company Once You’ve Calmed Down

Insurance companies often times will try to get out of paying for your claim in certain situations. Know what your comprehensive car insurance covers and know what to tell your insurance company. Do not go into detail about what you were thinking that day and stick to the facts. Having a game plan of what to say to your car insurance company after an accident is imperative. This is why waiting a day or two before calling is a great idea as tension will be calmed down and it being hectic at the scene of the accident can and will happen.

Make Sure To Get Medical Attention

Even though many people want to shrug off an accident, seeking medical attention is an important step after an accident. Many car accident related injuries linger and can rear their ugly heads years down the line. Getting medical attention can help document these injuries and can give you proof if you want to go to court. Receiving compensation after a lawsuit depends on having tangible proof and medical records for the day of the accident might be all the proof one would need.

Being able to establish a post car accident plan can save you money in the long run as well as keep you safe from lawsuits. Having a check list in the car is a great way to know what to do when the adrenaline is pumping after an accident. Safe driving is the best way to avoid accidents but accidents happen and you should be prepared.