What necessitated the advent of the forklift?

November 20, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Basically cargo handling methods changed

200 years ago the primary way in which cargo was moved from the manufacturer to the end user was mostly by manual labor and the use of ox wagons. Naturally with the coming of the railroad’s this changed substantially but the train still had the to be loaded by hand through the use of labor but once the motor vehicle arrived on the scene this eventually led to the manufacturing off the forklift which has revolutionized the handling of cargo especially in large warehouses or in large manufacturing plants. Where boxes of equipment and products had to be loaded one by one onto an ox wagon or a railway car it was now possible to load those boxes on the pallet right there in the manufacturing plant. In this way anything between 20 and 50 boxes depending on the individual size of those boxes could be transported on such a pallet at one time through the use of the forklift.

Forklifts dramatically increase productivity

Such a forklift together with an effective pallet system has totally revolutionized the way in which cargo were moved. About 10 years ago I was working briefly at a cold drink manufacturer were between 20 and 30 trucks had to be loaded every morning with thousands of bottles of cold drinks. One could only imagine the logistical difficulty which could be encountered if all of those cold drinks had to be loaded by hand. A large group of laborers would have been needed in order to accomplish such a task. However because of an effective fleet of forklifts and a steady supply of excellent quality pallets this process was substantially simplified and it was possible to deliver large quantities of cold drinks to waiting customers. Today there are millions of businesses all over the planet that are managing their hectic cargo handling schedules through the use of these forklifts.

These forklifts are coming in all sizes and shapes

There is literally millions of small one or two ton forklifts which are generally more than sufficient for the cargo handling needs of a small manufacturing business but then there are also large manufacturers who are handling single products which can weigh 10 or more tons per unit. Such products will require heavy-duty forklifts which are capable of handling very heavy objects. Every manufacturer will have to determine for themselves exactly what their specific cargo handling needs may be and then they will have to choose an appropriately sized forklift which will be able to meet all of their cargo handling needs. There are many respectable forklift manufacturers all over the planet and each of them are producing several models of forklifts which will generally be able to meet all of the cargo handling needs which a business may require.

The planet benefits from technological advances

The old ways in which things has been done are changing every day as new technologies become available which are significantly better than the old ways in which those same things were managed. The same thing is true in the cargo handling industry and there are continuously new technologies which are emerging which are making drastic improvements in this very important industry and which are providing manufacturing companies with extremely effective ways in which to improve their cargo handling capacity. The first step in determining which kind of forklifts to acquire will be to carefully calculate exactly what your specific cargo handling needs may be and then do as much research as possible in older to ensure that you find the specific product which are equal to your needs.