What Is This Mystery Giant ‘Monster’ Swimming in a London River Near an Arena?

April 6, 2016 Updated: April 6, 2016

Everyone likes a good river monster sighting.

Near the River Thames, a person armed with a camera captured what appears to be a Loch Ness monster-looking thing.

The creature, which is probably just a fish, is seen breaking the surface of the river before it disappears into the water.

The footage, naturally, is awful, and there is no zoom. The video is also filmed in portrait—not landscape.

Some have speculated that it’s a sea monster, some claimed it’s an alien of some sort, some have said it’s a fish, some have said it’s a whale or dolphin, some claimed it’s a Russian submarine, and others have said it’s merely a piece of debris. Many said it bears some resemblance to legendary Japanese film monster Godzilla. And some speculated that it was digitally added into the clip as a PR stunt.

(YouTube screenshot)
(YouTube screenshot)


One person theorized it’s a sperm whale or a basking shark that came into the river when the Thames River Barrier was opened.

In 2006, a young female northern bottlenose whale was found in the Thames. It was the first time the species was seen in the river since records began in 1913.

(YouTube screenshot)
(YouTube screenshot)

About 50 whales and 450 porpoises have been spotted in London’s waters since then.

The clip was shot just a few meters away from the O2 Arena in Greenwich, Southeast London.

According to the Mirror, it was filmed by a passenger on the Emirates Air Line, a cable car that passes over the river.