What Do You Think of Election Ads?

April 28, 2011 Updated: April 28, 2011

TORONTO—The Epoch Times asked people in downtown Toronto if they had seen many election ads and if so, whether they had had any impact. This is what we heard.

Mike, a dentist from Northern Ontario who preferred not to give his last name, said he had seen some ads and liked those from the NDP’s Jack Layton.

“They tend to be more positive oriented, whereas I don’t really like the ones the Conservatives have,” he said.

Anne Elliott, a customer service representative in Toronto, said she had seen the ads but for her the main issue was having to go to the polls at all, so the ads made little difference.

“I’ve decided to vote party this year rather than candidate because I just think this whole election is a big waste of money. I think the parties other than the Conservatives are the ones that caused the election.”

Mark, a courier who also preferred to not give his last name, said he hadn’t seen many ads but Jack Layton’s had stood out. When asked if they changed how he would vote, he responded “Nope.”

Ahmid Jawed, a Toronto student, said he had seen just a few ads on the subway, but they hadn’t made much impact.

“There’s too many ads on the subway so election ads don’t really grab my attention,” he said.

“If they have ads where if you vote they can give you … some kind of incentive, then maybe more and more people would come out to vote, instead of putting some boring ads of some guy’s picture just saying ‘vote for me.’ Why should I vote for you? There’s nothing [in the ad] that would benefit me.”