What Can You Do When Your Dog Acts Dead Before a Vet Visit?

January 28, 2019 Updated: January 28, 2019

Dogs are smart, sometimes smarter than we think. This one takes the cake; watch as she tries to fool her owner.

Micki Fox lives on New Zealand’s northern island and has one very cute Shiba Inu named Lulu.

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Normally the precious pup would be bounding out of bed in the morning, ready to greet the day with joy. But not today.

Lulu somehow senses all is not right with her world and decides to play dead until things are sorted out.

Despite Micki calling her name, and even giving her a belly rub, Lulu plays dead, stone dead.

“You gonna wake up soon, sweetie?” cajoles Micki. “You have to go to the vet soon, sweetie.”

Her acting skills are amazing; this would have to be the best play-dead performance you are ever likely to see.

Actually, this trick is one perhaps you can teach your dog, if you have the time and patience.

Doggy tricks are a great example of the trust between humans and “man’s best friend”; they help with communication between the two, and they are great to show off.

The dog’s willingness to perform shows just how much she is willing to please her owner. Not to mention the tasty treat that would be waiting at the end!

That’s it, Lulu knew what was coming and refused to budge. That is until Micki utters the magic words.

Watch the video to see this dog come to life; she is sure to be nominated for an Academy award.