What Being On Time Says About You

January 3, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Being on time is one of the first indications to somebody else about the type of person you are. If somebody is late for the first business meeting or first date then this can impact what the other party thinks about you permanently. This can even lead to the other party terminating the relationship because they feel that it is disrespectful to be tardy to meetings or any sort of gathering.

In The Business World

Everyone has been late to something in their life because of extraneous circumstances that they had no control of. In the business world, if an important meeting is scheduled then you have to plan for the worst. For example, if you have the meeting with the client that could make or break your business then get to where you want to be around an hour early. In cities you can sit and have a cup of coffee near the building but you are close enough where traffic or any other factor cannot impact the time that you arrive at the meeting. Being disrespectful of the time of clients or business partners speaks volumes about your character whether you think so or not. As an employee regardless of how above par that your work is or never missing a deadline, being constantly late makes you seem unreliable in the most simple of ways. This can impact your climbing of the corporate ladder and even end with your termination from a job if you are late on too many occasions. Being on time can have you seen as a person who keeps their promises and has strong moral fiber. If you have trouble being on time or need to time your trips to find an average from point A to point B a site like bestonlinetimer.com can help you with this.

In The Dating World

In the dating world being on time is a great first impression to make while being “fashionably late” or something of that nature can lead to a quick termination of the relationship. Many people have had somebody that they are dating be constantly late can lead to feelings of resentment since the person you are dating does not respect you enough to show up on time. This is such a simple solution but there are constantly couples that fight about their significant other being late to dates or family dinners. Being on time can lead to feelings of reliability in a significant other and is seen as quite a virtue. Punctuality can say all of that! One would question why everyone isn’t always on time minus the few occasions that there has been a car accident or something of the sort.

All of these things can happen if you are not punctual in the dating and professional world. Being on time seems like such a simple thing to do but there are so many people who suffer from chronic tardiness. Practice being places early and you can break the bad habit of being tardy before you know it!