What a benevolent animal! He saves a baby duck from drowning!

December 1, 2017 Updated: December 23, 2017

To save someone from imminent danger is something that is innate to any human being—and to animals as well. This animal did what was right and is proof of that.

A video was recorded at an unknown zoo by one of its visitors that shows footage of an orangutan sitting on a rock by a pond. Something catches the ape’s eye! He moves closer to take a peek as he sees a baby duck in the pond below him. To the onlookers, he seemed to be craving a midday snack!

Apparently, that was not what the ape had in mind. The duckling was abandoned by its mother and seemed to be drowning. The quick thinking ape took a leaf and used it as a paddle to draw the duckling nearer!

The orangutan used a leaf as a paddle, to bring the duckling closer before gathering it up in its grip to the amazement of spectators

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The baby duck latched on to the leaf

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Once the duckling was close enough, he quickly scooped it out of the water and brought it to safety, on to the grass. But what he did next shocked everyone!

The ape lays the little bird on the ground

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The massive orangutan looks at the little bird, perplexed by his find

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As the crowd cheered for him, he did something horrid! He picked up the duckling and brought it to his mouth, as though he was going to take a bite.

One woman could be heard shouting, “Oh! No, no, no!” But children in the background exclaimed: “He’s not trying to hurt him!”

What seemed to be a merciless kill was really actually quite the opposite—the ape put the duckling gently down on the ground.

The crowd gasp in horror when they see him bring the baby duck close to his mouth as if to snack on it

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The compassionate ape puts the baby back on the grass and starts to pet it

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Cathy Smith, from the Orangutan Foundation, saw this footage and remarked: “They are very intelligent animals and can be very inquisitive. Although they mainly eat fruit, it is not unknown for orangutans to eat small mammals and eggs. But this shows how chilled out and good at problem-solving these amazing creatures are. It’s hard to say whether he knew he would be saving the chick but you never know. I have never heard of anything like this before.” reported Dailymail.co.uk as she told News Today.

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