We’ve Tried Our Best to Entertain You When Writing This Article About Insanely Honest Advertising

March 18, 2016 Updated: March 19, 2016

It’s nice to be honest and open with people, we all know that. But in the world of marketing, things are different: Everything seems, well,  just perfect. 

That’s how it works.

Then, you stumble upon something different. An insanely honest ad. It might be just reverse psychology but we would prefer to call it a more human approach.

And it’s way more fun.


It All Started in the ’60s With VW Beetle


When VW started with Beetle, it seemed impossible to sell it. Until the DDB agency put Beetle’s weakness into the spotlight and turned the weird new car into a phenomenon.




Avis Is Trying Harder


Back in ’60s Avis was a no. 2 in the car rental business, and they were honest about it.

But perhaps they keep this strategy too long. 



The Worst Hotel in the World Doing Its Best


When your hotel looks like this:


You know you need something special to sell it.

That’s why The Hans Brinker budget hotel in Amsterdam asked Kessels Kramer agency to create these hilariously honest ads.



Honestly Yours, Rickey Gervais

Although this is not insanely honest since it’s obviously acted and well prepared, it shows the world behind celebrity ads. And it is just hilarious.


Lipton Refreshingly Refreshing



All images via Behance


Transparent Banking

Seems trustworthy, right?


Ugly Building Named ‘Ugli’

This is what happens when creative and media campus set up in an office building like this one.


Their website is pretty funny too. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.51.52 PM
Screenshot ugli.lovelyinside.com


And a bonus:

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Inspiration via: Velocitypartners.com