Wet and Wild in Thailand for Songkran (Photos)

April 14, 2011 Updated: April 14, 2011

It’s the Songkran festival in Thailand and tens of thousands of people are holding water splashing parties across the country.

The street water fights are derived from an old tradition where the younger generation would pour scented water onto the hands of their elders who in return would offer blessings.

Today, by and large it consists of roadside groups armed with water guns, water buckets or hands full of gluggy chalk powder wetting or pasting anyone driving or walking past.

But it is not a one sided affair as there are many pickup trucks loaded with people armed with buckets and water pistols returning any watery favors.

Officially held over April 13 – 15, Songkran celebrates the Thai New Year and is the biggest family orientated period of the year akin to the Christmas season in the West.

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